• Crunchersoft is renowned as a Java development service provider that offers exceptional Java/J2EE programming services to suit the web and mobile application development requirements of the clients. Our company specifically fulfill the needs of diverse enterprises impeccably. The company aims its J2EE application development service to be scalable and easy to implement. Because of this approach, Java programming language is an obvious choice for us to handle the J2EE application development projects
  • Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It is intended to let application developers "write once, run anywhere" (WORA), meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation.


There were five primary features of the Java language:

  • "simple, object-oriented, and familiar".
  • "robust and secure".
  • "architecture-neutral and portable".
  • execute with "high performance".
  • "interpreted, threaded, and dynamic".


We have great expertise and knowledge developing solutions using .Net framework (.NET 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0, .NET Compact Framework) - VB.NET, ASP.NET and C#. We have been deeply involved in the design and implementation of small to extensive .Net projects that are currently deployed commercially

ASP.NET Programming - C#.NET Programming Services:

  • Designing and Programming using .NET
  • Web-based and stand-alone applications migration to .NET
  • Development, Support and Enhancement of existing applications in .NET
  • Porting of Legacy applications to .NET based application
  • Windows Application Development in .NET

.Net application development process is performed in Crunchersoft with such technologies and tools as ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Win Forms, Web Forms, Web Services and others. To ensure professional level of services, software developers apply the latest .Net technologies on every stage of project design and implementation.


  • For any business to work efficiently, proper management, optimal data security and performance is needed. Here in Cruncher soft tech, we offer a wide variety of database management services which assure you better performance.
  • A database is an organized collection of data. It is the collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views and other objects. The data are typically organized to model aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring information.
  • A database management system (DBMS) is a computer software application that interacts with the user, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze data.
  • Well-known DBMSs include:-
    • MySQL
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • Java Derby
    • SQLite
    • Web SQL
    • IBM DB2.
  • A general-purpose DBMS is designed to allow the definition, creation, querying, update, and administration of databases. A database is not generally portable across different DBMSs, but different DBMS can inter operate by using standards such as SQL and ODBC or JDBC to allow a single application to work with more than one DBMS. Database management systems are often classified according to the database model that they support.

Mobile Application

  • Mobile application development is a term used to denote the act or process by which application software is developed for handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.
  • Mobile application platforms: In order to help you serve all customers through all possible ways, we work with various mobile application platforms that include:
    • Sencha touch app development
    • Adobe AiR app development
    • Xamarin app development
    • Phone Gap app development
    • Appceletator app development
    • Kony development
    • HTML5 Add development
  • Many types of mobile operating systems (OS) are available for smart phones, including: Android, BlackBerry OS,  iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile Professional (touch screen), Windows Mobile Standard (non-touch screen), and Bada. Among the most popular are the Apple iPhone, and the newest – Android. Android is a mobile operating system (OS) developed by Google. Android is the first completely open source mobile OS, meaning that it is free to any cell phone mobile network.

Web Technology

  • Cruncher soft provides custom and quality websites. We design and develop innovative web portals With custom applications which combine interactive design and the latest technologies.
  • We use combination of technologies , technical expertise , and business known- how to help Clients to achieve expected results.
  • Web Technologies provides a wide range of software application outsourcing development services on Microsoft technologies (.NET, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Winforms, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, Azure Services platform, etc.)